Liberty Arts is a sculpture studio and foundry whose purpose is to enrich our communities with arts experiences that inspire, empower, educate and entertain.

  • Watch us pour hot metal – iron, bronze and aluminum
  • Purchase local artwork in our gallery and exhibition space
  • We weld, cast, plasma-cut, work in wood and ceramics, and offer classes to all
  • Team building workshops, tours, commissions and internships

Collaborative Space

Liberty Artists work on their own and in collaboration.  We offer hands-on classes and internships, as well as organize public events.

Creative Artists

We are a diverse group of artists working in metal, clay, glass and wood.

Sharing Skills

Is your creative side itching to be set free?  Come have some fun and get your hands dirty! Sign up for any of our exciting, one of a kind classes like welding, plasma cutting, and clay-metal fusion.